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May 29th - June 4th 2022 

Celebrating 35 years in changing the narrative for persons with disabilities!


Application - deadline: April 29th, 2022

2021 Mel Hebb Hourglass Action Award Recipients

Access Award 

Recognizes an individual, business or group without a mandate to serve persons with disabilities, that has worked to improve access to facilities and/or services in a given area, that increase opportunities and access for persons with disabilities.


Chrysalis House

Ginger McPhee, Executive Director 

Andre McConnell Award 

Recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond their duties as a public servant and has demonstrated:

  1. A commitment to person centred service - always putting the needs of persons with disabilities first; and 

  2. True dedication to supporting persons with disabilities to fully participate in their communities.


Maria Medioli

Executive Director, Disability Support Programs, Dept. of Community Services 

Community Action Award 

Recognizes communities and municipalities dedicated to increasing opportunities for persons with disabilities in their area. This includes recreation opportunities, inclusive education, and employment opportunities or other initiatives that lead to full participation for persons with disabilities.


Port Morien Wildlife Association

Jeff McNeil & Stan Peach 


Exceptional Service Award 

Recognizes an organization or a member of an organization that has gone beyond their mandate in service to persons with disabilities.

Cynthia Carrol

Executive Director, Autism Nova Scotia 

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Jannie Baker – New Waterford

Melody Brittain – Plympton

Braedon Carter – River Tillard

Gabrielle Close – Beaverbank

Tyler Cross – Bridgewater

Alexandra DeCoste – Afton

Lee Gilbert – Central Onslow

Ruby Harrington – Glenholme

Amber Hattie – Plymouth

Kayla MacKinnon – Dartmouth

Karlee Saulnie – Hortonville

Anton Sianchuk – Halifax

Lucas Williams – Shelburne

Building Momentum for the Canadian Disability Benefit

Ensuring the announcement of a Canadian Disability Benefit lives up to its potential and ends poverty for Canadians living with disabilities will require unity, agency, leadership and widespread engagement by disabled people, their families, friends, organizations and allies. In other words, Nothing About Us, Without Us, to maintain momentum and to direct and shape the process.


This collective effort has already begun. Collaboration between individuals, groups, coalitions and organizations from across Canada is already occurring in order to ensure the creation of the Disability Benefit.


How do get involved:


The Canadian Disability Benefit initiative will bring the many strong voices of the disability movement together and create the space for dialogue and exchange that must be the necessary foundation for creating a successful and enduring Canadian Disability Benefit. Soon, a dedicated site to this initiative will be up and running via Include Me, which is a social movement that engages the disability community to work together to change Canadian society. We’ll be sure to let you know when Include Me is live so you can join the movement!


We hope that you will join all those already a part of this grassroots, cross-disability led and independently financed initiative. Share this information tell us about someone we should connect with, talk to your friends, neighbours and colleagues about this national initiative. Together, we can end disability poverty.

Videos now available:


We are pleased to announce that the recordings are now all available, with ASL & closed captioning included. 

2020 Sophie Leblanc.jpg
2020 Eric Lewis.jpg
Kathleen Perrin - picture.jpeg
PAANS selfie.jpg
2020 Lauren Boudreau.jpg
2020 Julia Bach Picture.jpg
2020 Brayden Hennigar.jpg

2020 Access Awareness Week 


Despite the many ongoing challenges of 2020, determination, resiliency and courage persevered as the community navigated a new reality and adjusted accordingly. Our 2020 Scholarship recipients are champions who rose to the occasion to overcome yet another hurdle that would not stand in the way of their future achievements. Pictured above from left to right: Braydon Hennigar; Kathleen Perrin; Rita DeLisle; Sophie LeBlanc; Lauren Boudreau; Eric Lewis; and Julia Bach. Missing from picture Kaleigh Cormier. Congratulations to each and every one!


Canadian Survey on Disabilities November 2018


Founder and CEO of ADDvocacy, Keith Gelhorn, speaks on his first voice experience in living with an invisible disability 

Canadian Human Rights Commission Report

Roadblocks on the career path: Challenges faced by persons with disabilities in employment


“Persons with disabilities continue to face barriers and stigma when looking for work, when seeking workplace accommodation and when trying to thrive or advance in their careers. This report is the third and last report in the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s series of reports on Canada’s implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). The Commission worked in close collaboration with provincial and territorial human rights commissions and/or tribunals across Canada to arrive at these findings.”

Not Without Us Project

Easter Seals Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities

Funded by the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women and the Province of Nova Scotia

The Not Without Us Project's goal was to give a voice to women with disabilities. During the course of twelve community sessions we heard first voice stories from women with disabilities who experienced domestic violence. The staff from various organizations that served these women also attended the community sessions and provided input on resources and knowledge they needed to assist women with disabilities. Our final report and recommendations that were shaped by the stories and ideas shared by everyone who participated in the conversations, were presented and accepted during the 2020 United Nations International Day for Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd during the virtual SHEroes Symposium.


The Final Report can be found here



 Caucus Reports:  Each year, the League presents a report & recommendations to the Nova Scotia Caucus on behalf of disabled persons. 

Click on logo to open document


  Photos:  The League is involved with comprehensive events that provide a local forum for disabled Nova Scotians and interested stakeholders.


Pictured - Volunteer ReadABILITY reader and Speaker of the House, Kevin Murphy, at the Musquodoboit Harbour Public Library

Photo courtesy of the Accessibility Directorate



If you have always wanted to make a positive difference … here is your chance!


The League is looking for readers with a disability or extensive knowledge of a disability.


With the support of the Accessibility Directorate and funding from the Canada Post Foundation, ReadABILITY has launched and we are seeking qualified volunteers to be story tellers!


You will be donating your valuable time in raising awareness through first voice in reading stories to children in your community.

ReadABILITYintroduces children ages 3 and up to the concept of living with a disability through stories, music and hands on activities. Through the experiences of first voice, children learn how people with disabilities live independently, enjoy hobbies, go to school, work, engage in their community and participate in activities.

Led by first voice volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, this project focuses on children and youth and reflects diverse abilities with the goal of understanding full inclusion.

PAANS coming soon!
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