Welcome to the Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities

(The League, NSLEO)


Ultimately, the League is a catalyst in building social, community, and political leadership of people with disabilities within Nova Scotia. We achieve this at a national level through our national affiliate, the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) and through provincial affiliates around the province and across the country.


NSLEO envisions a future where the abilities of people with disabilities in Nova Scotia (NS) are fully recognized and developed living as equals in society. 

The League takes a leading role and is a major contributor to many important and valuable charitable community efforts. We are a cross-disability voice of Nova Scotians with disabilities. Our ongoing activities include:

  • Provincial Access Awareness;

  • Disability Student Scholarships;

  • Provincial Disability Partnership;

  • Poverty Reduction Strategy;

  • Women with Disabilities;

  • Wheelchairs for children & adults;

  • Disability Information Sharing Sessions;

  • Disabled and Seniors Community-based Transit;

  • Public and Member Disability Education;

  • Preparing Provincial Caucus Research Papers;

  • Disability Emergency Preparedness;

  • United Nations Disability Treaty Education; and

  • Provincial Disability Tourism Improvements.


The League also provides information and referral services to all Nova Scotians regarding disability issues as well as available programs and services.