Welcome to the Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities

(The League, NSLEO)


Ultimately, the League is a catalyst in building social, community, and political leadership of people with disabilities within Nova Scotia. We achieve this at a national level through our national affiliate, the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) and through provincial affiliates around the province and across the country.


NSLEO envisions a future where the abilities of people with disabilities in Nova Scotia (NS) are fully recognized and developed living as equals in society. 

The League takes a leading role and is a major contributor to many important and valuable charitable community efforts. We are a cross-disability voice of Nova Scotians with disabilities. Our ongoing activities include:

  • Provincial Access Awareness;

  • Disability Student Scholarships;

  • Provincial Disability Partnership;

  • Poverty Reduction Strategy;

  • Women with Disabilities;

  • Wheelchairs for children & adults;

  • Disability Information Sharing Sessions;

  • Disabled and Seniors Community-based Transit;

  • Public and Member Disability Education;

  • Preparing Provincial Caucus Research Papers;

  • Disability Emergency Preparedness;

  • United Nations Disability Treaty Education; and

  • Provincial Disability Tourism Improvements.


The League also provides information and referral services to all Nova Scotians regarding disability issues as well as available programs and services.



Not Without Us Project

Easter Seals Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities
Funded by the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women/Province of Nova Scotia