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Board of Directors

Sherry Costa

Sherry is the Co Officio Provincial Coordinator at Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities

Melissa Myers

Melissa Myers is the Vice-Chairperson 

Keith Gelhorn

Keith Gelhorn is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of ADDvocacy and ADHD Coach

Craig Auccoin

Craig Auccoin is a Director

Vicky Levack

Vicky Levack is the Chairperson for Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities, spokesperson for the Disability Rights Coalition and public speaker for Disability and relationship educator.

Kim Aker

Kim Aker is the Treasurer, Secretary

Kendall Worth

Kendall Worth is a Director with Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities and Award-winning Anti-Poverty Activist and Journalist.

Pearl Kelly

Pear Kelly is the Director and Coordinator with Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities. 

Dawne Fraser

Dawne Fraser is a Director