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Scholarship Awards 2017

Scotia Bank

Paget Houston, Tarah Sawler, Isabella Sears

Royal Bank of Canada

Dakota D’Entremont, Will Brewer, Brenda MacDonald

Casino Nova Scotia

Amber Showers

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Justin MacDonald, Zoe Antle

Toronto Dominion

Thian Carmen, Damian Kochmanski

Casino Sydney

Sue-Anne Herridge

Royal Bank of Canada (Cape Breton)

Rowan Hart

Scotia Bank (Cape Breton)

Dominick Tait

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The PAANS scholarship program was developed to provide financial support to students with disabilities pursuing education and training in an accredited post-secondary institution. These awards are presented in recognition of the accomplishments students have already made and in support of their goals to be fully contributing members of society.                    2018 Scholarship Application>

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