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The League's members come from both urban and rural parts of Nova Scotia. They share common goals and concerns which are represented through NSLEO at the provincial level. 90% of Board Members are persons with disabilities.

Our History

In response to a growing awareness by disabled persons in Nova Scotia, the League was organized in 1979 and chartered in March 1980. NSLEO is a cross-disability consumer and public education organization whose members include individuals with all types of disabilities: mobility, sensory and invisible (e.g., diabetes, emphysema, arthritis, epilepsy, etc.).

NSLEO offers municipal consumer groups an umbrella organization through which to represent their concerns at the provincial level. The uniqueness of the League rests in the fact that it consists of organizations and individuals whose control is in the hands of persons with disabilities, first voice.


As a non-profit organization with a charitable tax number, we accept donations and issue tax receipts for amounts over $25.

Our Future


The League is always ready and prepared to face new challenges and take on new programs in the disability community as these arise. Our future plans include playing a catalyst in building social, political and community leadership within the disability community of our province. We continue with the issues of Poverty as well as the issues surrounding aging in place throughout rural Nova Scotia where the numbers of seniors over 65 is expected to double by the mid 2020s with the increases in disability that will accompany that shift in the age demographic.


2021 - 2022

League Board & staff

  • Vicky Levack, Chair

  • Melissa Myers, Vice-chair

  • Kim Aker, Treasurer, Secretary

  • Kendall Worth, Director

  • Keith Gelhorn, Director

  • Pearl Kelly, Director

  • Craig Aucoin, Director

  • Dawne Fraser, Director

  • Sherry Costa, Ex Officio


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