Nova Scotia, Canada Government

Our Government

Our Government has three levels of government;  Federal, Provincial, and Municipal.   Each government is responsible for different laws and rules of Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Federal Government

The Federal Government creates laws and manages programs and services that effect the whole country.  The seat of the Federal Government is in Ottawa, the Nation's Capital and it is concerned with:

  • Aboriginal Laws

  • Banking

  • Criminal Law

  • Employment Insurance

  • Federal Taxes

  • Foreign Affairs

  • Money

  • National Defense

  • Pipelines

  • Railways

  • Shopping

  • Telephone

  • The Post Office

The Provincial Government

The  Provincial  Government is responsible for issues that affect the province or territory.  These issues are:

  • Age of Majority

  • Education

  • Hospital

  • Marriage

  • Prisons

  • Property and Civil Rights

  • Provincial Taxes

  • Rules of the Road

The Municipal Government

The Municipal Government receives its power from the Provincial Government and it deals with issues concerning the community such as:

  • City Parks

  • City Roads and Sidewalks

  • Collection of garbage and recycling

  • Fire Prevention

  • Licensing and Control of Pets

  • Public Transportation

  • Water and Sewer Services

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