2020 Access Awareness Week

May 25th to 29th 

Scholarship Luncheon - May 28th


Accessibility - A Plan for Action!

Encouraging accessibility options for Nova Scotians with disabilities in:

  • Families

  • Housing

  • Recreation

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Transportation

  • Communication

About PAANS...

In 1987, Rick Hansen's Man in Motion Tour brought issues of ability and access into the national spotlight. In response, National Access Awareness Week was born. Although the national scope of the week diminished the spirit of Hansen's quest lives on through Nova Scotia’s provincial Access Awareness Week. Held at the end of May, the week celebrates achievements made both by and for people with disabilities in the areas of accessibility, transportation, housing, employment, recreation, education and communication.


PAANS is a committee of the Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities and was created to oversee the planning of the week's events ensuring the week continued to be both vibrant and relevant to the needs of the province's citizens.                            2020 Scholarship Application - deadline Apr 3rd >

Our Mission:

To promote the inclusion of all Nova Scotians with disabilities as equals. Through public awareness, community partnerships and education, we aim to foster an environment of equal participation for persons with disabilities within Nova Scotia, Canada and around the world.

2020 Scholarship Application - deadline Apr 3 >

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