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The Mel Hebb Hourglass Action Award


PAANS would like you to help us recognize people in your community

who have made a contribution to the inclusion of persons with disabilities

in our province by submitting your nominations for the

Mel Hebb Hourglass Action Awards.


The Hourglass Action Awards were launched in 1992 during National

Access Awareness Week. That year, an hourglass symbolized the

spirit of timely action the awards recognize.


In 2000, the name of the Award was changed to the Mel Hebb Hourglass Action Awards in honour of Mr. Melbourne Hebb, ('Wheels to Victory, The Mel Hebb Story'), a former awards committee chair. Hebb, who passed away in October 1999, was the personification of dedicated action.

To learn more, see the pages for each year's winners along with write-ups on the recipients...

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