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Ensuring the announcement of a Canadian Disability Benefit lives up to its potential and ends poverty for Canadians living with disabilities will require unity, agency, leadership and widespread engagement by disabled people, their families, friends, organizations and allies. In other words, Nothing About Us, Without Us, to maintain momentum and to direct and shape the process.


This collective effort has already begun. Collaboration between individuals, groups, coalitions and organizations from across Canada is already occurring in order to ensure the creation of the Disability Benefit.


How do get involved:


The Canadian Disability Benefit initiative will bring the many strong voices of the disability movement together and create the space for dialogue and exchange that must be the necessary foundation for creating a successful and enduring Canadian Disability Benefit. Soon, a dedicated site to this initiative will be up and running via Include Me, which is a social movement that engages the disability community to work together to change Canadian society. We’ll be sure to let you know when Include Me is live so you can join the movement!


We hope that you will join all those already a part of this grassroots, cross-disability led and independently financed initiative. Share this information tell us about someone we should connect with, talk to your friends, neighbours and colleagues about this national initiative. Together, we can end disability poverty.